Monday, January 14, 2019

Week of 1/14/19

Good Monday afternoon......I hope that you are staying warm and the ice is melting where you are. Pulaski Middle School will have club day this Thursday, 1/17/2019. The remainder of this week will be spent in getting into a normal routine for the second semester. As always, if you have any questions/concerns/suggestions, please contact us!!!

Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Happy New Year!!!! I hope that you've had a restful Winter break and have been able to regroup from our whirlwind first semester. We did some great things and we have some things still to work on. This is going to be the best semester yet! This is the semester that is going to get us out of school improvement and into full accreditation!!! Here are some staff reminders as we get ready to jump back in.

  • Professional Development at PCHS on 1/3/19. Go to the google form and sign up for the PD sessions that are available if you have not already. 
  • Grades will roll at 8AM on 1/4/19. 
  • Eligibility training on 1/4/19 for those who conduct eligibility referrals. I will be attending this. 
  • Faculty meeting at 115PM on 1/4/19 in the library. This will be to discuss some second semester issues as well as to reinforce our expectations as a school and as a staff. 
  • School-wide evacuation drill on 1/11/19 at 900AM. Information will be presented during our faculty meeting on 1/4/19. 

I look forward to seeing all of you on Thursday. This is our time!! We can do this!!!


Thursday, October 18, 2018

Good Thursday evening Pulaski Middle School Family! Thank you to all of our parents/guardians who met with our teachers and are engaging our kids in the value of a good education. We are working hard to make sure that our kids are benefiting from good teachers and a great community!

Some important dates:

  • Full Day of School-Friday 10/19/18
  • School Book Fair-10/22/18-10/26/18
  • Lights Out After School-10/23/18 (beginning at 6PM)
  • Life After School Community Night-10/23/18 (beginning at 6PM)
  • Report Cards-10/24/18
  • No School  (Election Day)-11/06/18

Monday, October 15, 2018

Good evening Pulaski Middle School Family! Pulaski Middle School concluded day one of First Nine Weeks benchmark testing. We are breaking down our data and will continue through Wednesday. Our goal is to have an idea of where we need to be going forward. Thank you to students and parents who are working toward that quality education!! Remember that parent-teacher conferences are Thursday evening, (10/18) from 2PM-7PM at school. We look forward to seeing you there!!

We anticipate being able to send home report cards next Wednesday, 10/24.

Life After School will be hosting a Lights Out After School event, next Tuesday, 10/23, beginning at 6PM. There will be games and other exciting activities. Please make plans to attend!!

Have a great evening,


Sunday, October 14, 2018

Good Sunday Evening Pulaski Middle School Family! This latest post will give you some important dates/information for this week and for the remainder of October. We are looking forward to seeing all students and staff tomorrow!

Important dates/information:

    • End of 1st Nine Weeks-10/15/18
    • CPR Training-Pulaski MS-330PM-5PM
    • Parent-Teacher Conferences-10/18/18-2PM-7PM
    • Full-day of School-10/19/18.
    • Faculty Meeting-10/22/18 at 330 PM in the Library
    • No School-PCPS (election day)-11/6/18. PCPS Professional Development Day (details forthcoming).

Have a great evening! We will see you tomorrow. 

Dr. McCarty and Ms. Dillon

Friday, October 12, 2018

Happy Friday Pulaski Middle School Family! We hope that everyone is dry and safe today and we are certainly glad to see blue sky! Pulaski Middle School wanted to let everyone know that next Friday, Oct 19, 2018, will be a full school day. The parent-teacher conferences and professional development planned for that day has been canceled. The professional development will be integrated into the activities planned for Nov. 6, 2018. Also, the Blacksburg-PCHS Football game will take place tonight as scheduled. The PCMS Football game against Radford will be played tomorrow at Dublin Middle School. Again, Pulaski Middle School is glad that the recent rains are over and we truly hope that everyone in our region and in Virginia can recover from the unfortunate weather of the last few days.

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Good evening Pulaski Middle School Family. I apologize that it has been a while since I have updated the blog. Forgive Me. Pulaski Middle School hopes that everyone in the area is safe this evening and hopefully the rain has ended and the water will begin to recede this evening or tomorrow morning. As of right now, PCPS is on a two hour delay tomorrow, Friday, Oct 12th. Please let us know if we can help in any way over the next few days. Below are some important dates and events:

  • Football: Pulaski County vs. Radford-10/13/18 @DMS
  • First Quarter Ends-10/15/18
  • Benchmark Testing-10/15/18 through 10/18/18. 
  • Parent-teacher conferences-10/18/18 (2PM-7PM)
  • Parent-teacher conferences-10/19/18 (830AM-1230PM)
  • Boys Basketball Tryouts-10/15/18 (5PM-630PM)
  • Girls Basketball Tryouts-10/15/18 (330PM-5PM)

Events on the Horizon:

  • Schools Closed/Teacher Workday-11/06/18
  • Thanksgiving Holiday-11/21/18-11/23/18.